Alarmingly, global temperature rise is now more than doubled the 1.5 degrees agreed at COP 21 in Paris in 2015, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC).  With this emphasis, the UN Secretary-General insisted on reassessing the energy policies of all the governments in the world. In response to the said global crisis, Australia plans to reduce 85% of the total greenhouse gas emission by 2050, promoting sustainable energy initiatives and the built environment.

Understanding the contemporary responsibility of the engineering community, the IESL-NSW Chapter has focused on increasing awareness of such sustainable practices for the last couple of months and will continue to endorse engineering solutions to address the climate change and energy crisis worldwide.

We have also further emphasised about gender equality, one of the UN Sustainable Goals, through discussion forums engaging both female and male engineers and will continue to advocate for effective and productive gender diversity in the engineering community.

In the future, we plan to bring more and more engineers in academia and industry together to create networking and career guidance opportunities while paving a path for interdisciplinary collaborations.

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