The public lecture on grid integration of utility scale renewable power generation was held via Zoom on 21st July 2022 by Dr. Kanchana Amarasekara


Australian energy industry is in a fast transition towards higher penetration levels of clean and renewable energy. The main drivers for this fast transition is reducing green-house emissions,      de-carbonisation and reduced costs. Utility scale renewable power generators, distributed energy resources (DER), energy storage and other grid firming technologies are key elements driving this transition. The large conventional generators, mostly coal-fired synchronous generators are being replaced by power electronic based renewable power generators.

These new forms of generators introduce new challenges in maintaining the power system security and reliability. In smooth transition towards a power system with 100% renewables, alterative methods will have to be utilised to provide many of the grid support services, such as inertia, system strength and frequency control, used to provide by large spinning generators in traditional power networks. In this presentation, the challenges and opportunities associated with the connection of large utility scale renewable power generators will be discussed. Also, the generator connections process and technical requirements applicable to renewable generator connections in National Electricity Market (NEM) will be discussed.

Kanchana obtained her B.Sc (Eng)(Hons) degree specialising in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a First Class Honours from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 2071. She obtained her PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from University of Wollongong, Australia specialising in Electrical Power Systems in 2017. Her PhD thesis focussed on investigation of voltage stability in wind rich electric power systems. Kanchana has both research and industry experience specialising in the areas of power system analysis, grid integration of renewable power generation and transmission network planning. During the past six years she held positions in power utility and consulting industry in Australia, where she involved in grid integration of a number of large renewable generator connection projects in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Currently, she works as a Senior Engineer (Network Connections) in TransGrid, Sydney. She is passionate about contributing to the secure and smooth transition to high penetration levels of clean and renewable energy in power networks.


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