IESL NSW Chapter had its Annual General Meeting on 22 September 2019 and a new Management Committee was elected for the year 2019/2020. An annual activity calendar has been prepared by the committee which could be viewed elsewhere in this newsletter.

Chapter will continue to work towards increasing the members participation in its activities in the upcoming year. We encourage engineers living in NSW and ACT to take part in all Chapter activities and contribute towards the sustainable growth of this organisation which is in its 11th year.

IESL NSW Chapter will conduct the annual Young Engineers Day (YED) dedicated for young engineers and engineering students in the universities. We encourage young engineers to share their views and experiences during this forum and thus give them an opportunity to interact with practising engineers and expand their network. We would also like to encourage them to make this newsletter as a platform to publish articles sharing their ideas and experiences.

Last year, Chapter introduced a “Women in Engineering Day” for women engineers to have a forum to discuss their issues in workplaces, to develop networking, improve their professional development etc. This event will be continued in the upcoming year by the current committee and we earnestly request our women engineers to actively participate in this event.

The inaugural Engineering Magazine was published by the last committee in the year 2018/19. The objective of the publication is for engineers in Australia and Sri Lanka to share their knowledge and experience in the field of engineering. We encourage engineers in NSW and ACT to publish their articles in the upcoming Engineering Magazine.

The IESL NSW Chapter conducts several public lectures every year. Distinguished engineers deliver these lectures at the EA auditorium. The lecture is live broadcasted through the Chapter Facebook page globally which enables a large audience to witness the event. We inform IESL HQ of the public lecture and the event details are circulated among the general membership. The public lecture series provides an opportunity for the presenters and audience to interact sharing their knowledge and experience in the field of engineering. We encourage our engineers to actively participate in these lecture series and invite your friends in Australia and Sri Lanka to join via Facebook.

The main event in the Chapter’s activity calendar is the Engineering Convention which consists of the Engineering Conference and the Gala Dinner scheduled to be held in May 2020. IESL NSW Chapter cordially invites and encourages membership to participate in this important annual event. Further details on the Engineering Convention will be circulated among the membership in due course.

We earnestly request all engineers in NSW and ACT to write to us to inform the achievements of our fellow engineers. IESL NSW Chapter would like to circulate the good news among the membership via the newsletters and give due recognition to the achievements of our fellow engineers.

We request the newly migrated engineers to contact us if they need any assistance from the IESL NSW Chapter. The chapter will use its contacts to assist the new migrants in any possible way.

The voluntary contribution scheme launched last year was successful and the Chapter was able to reduce the deficit in the last financial year. More details of the voluntary contribution scheme are available elsewhere in this newsletter.

IESL NSW Chapter will continue to work for the professional advancement of Engineers from a Sri Lankan background. The chapter will maintain close ties with IESL Colombo and Engineers Australia by actively participating in the activities organised by these organisations.

IESL NSW Chapter encourages engineers in NSW and ACT to actively participate in all the Chapter activities and earnestly request you to send us your comments and suggestions which would enable the Chapter to continuously improve in its service delivery to the engineers in NSW and ACT.

We can be contacted via e-mail to or

Thank You


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