I welcome you to the first Newsletter under the IESL NSW Chapter new management committee. The newly elected Committee held its first committee meeting on 19th October 2018 and discussed activities planned for the year. The activity calendar for the year is included in the Newsletter.


This year, we would like to get more involvement from young engineers and want to encourage them to participate in the Chapter activities. We have a Young Engineers Day (YED) dedicated for young engineers and engineering students in the universities to participate. We encourage them to share their views and experiences during this forum and thus give them an opportunity to interact with practising engineers and expand their network. We would also like to encourage them to contribute articles for the Newsletter to share their experiences.


For the first time this year, we will be introducing a “Women in Engineering Day” for women engineers to have a forum to discuss their issues in workplaces, to develop networking, improve their professional development etc. We will be inviting leading female engineering professionals in the field to participate in this event. We encourage our women engineers to attend this event to launch this initiative.


The IESL NSW Chapter will be celebrating its 10th year this year. We are delighted to inform you that our Chapter was the first overseas chapter to be established outside of Sri Lanka. We will be introducing to you the “birth of our Chapter” and experiences of our Past nine Chairs and their committees through a special Newsletter edition in early 2019. This will provide an opportunity for you to refresh your memories and to appreciate the tireless work carried out by them during the last decade.


During this calendar year, for the first time we are going to launch an Engineering Magazine.  The objective of the magazine is to transfer the wealth of knowledge and technology possessed by the Chapter members to our motherland. The wealth of experiences and resources we have within the Chapter are tremendous. This magazine will facilitate and provide an opportunity for you to share your experiences and knowledge with fellow engineers in Sri Lanka, which will help to provide an avenue to open discussions with them. We invite our fellow engineers practising in Sri Lanka to publish in the magazine as well. We will notify you the process during coming months.


The number of public lectures was increased in order to provide more opportunities for our fellow engineers in Sri Lanka (and elsewhere, as the coverage is global) to participate via live broadcasting of the presentations through the Chapter Facebook page. We will be notifying the lecture dates to IESL HQ with enough lead time for them to inform the membership in Sri Lanka and send notifications to universities, industries and other organisations in Sri Lanka. The public lecture series provides an opportunity for our members as well as the well-known professionals in the field of engineering to share their experiences and specialised knowledge with fellow engineers. The participation of the industry experts promotes our Chapter image and it provides a pathway and an opportunity for our fellow engineers in Sri Lanka to get a better understanding about the practice of engineering in a developed country. We encourage you to actively participate in these lecture series and invite your friends here and Sri Lanka to join via Facebook.


We would like to improve the quality of the Engineering Conference and make necessary changes to increase the participation. We would like to invite and encourage membership to participate in this important event in the Chapter Calendar. More details will be issued in coming weeks.


Another feature of this year Newsletters is the felicitating the achievements of our fellow engineers. We would like to invite and encourage you to write to us if you or your fellow engineers were recognised/honoured for their achievements.


On 16th November 2018 our Committee had a successful meeting with Past Chairs. The objective of this meeting was to develop strategies for the future of the Chapter and to get more participation from them to the Chapter activities.


Another activity we have earmarked is developing a process to help newly migrating/migrated engineers to develop their networking and to help them to assimilate into the Australian society. This was further discussed during the Past Chairs meeting and they have promised to provide their assistance. We would like members to send details to us if you wish to volunteer to assist the program to help our newly migrated engineers.


We are planning to conduct a CV/Resume writing workshop aiming to train engineers who have migrated to Australia and students pursuing engineering degrees in the universities here to improve their skills in writing their CV/resumes and in facing a job interview. This workshop will help them to find employment opportunities with this experience. We would like to collaborate with Engineers Australia and universities in this initiative. We need your help to successfully implement this program.


This year we will be launching a voluntary contribution scheme to raise necessary funds to cover expenses related to Chapter activities such as public lecture series, Young Engineers’ Day, Women in Engineering Day, Engineering Conference, administrative costs etc. This voluntary contribution scheme was approved during last two AGMs. More details can be found in the Newsletter.


We would like to inform you that we are working very closely with Engineers Australia who provide their facilities for our Chapter events. We will be working very closely with IESL HQ in Colombo and Engineers Australia to enhance the good relationship established between the two organisations.


We will continue our dialogue with IESL HQ and will continue to expand our knowledge sharing activities. We would like to help IESL HQ to implement its initiatives set by the IESL President for the betterment of the IESL and the development of Sri Lanka. In addition to that, we would also like to help the IESL Radio Program. We wish to encourage our members to sponsor the IESL Radio Program. We will be working very closely with our sister chapters in Australia and New Zealand for the enhancement of our Chapters and for the betterment of the membership.


We would like to encourage you to actively participate in our Chapter activities and send your comments, suggestions, articles to the Newsletter. Please send them to the Chapter Secretary via email to chapter_secretary@ieslnsw.org.  If you need any clarification pertaining to Chapter activities, please do not hesitate to contact me directly by emailing to chair@ieslnsw.org.


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