A look back to Warringah freeway early constructions (From NSW Roads – YouTube)

The Warringah freeway, originally the Warringah expressway, creates a main gateway from Northern suburbs of NSW to the Sydney City and to the Western suburbs. The expressway extents from the northern end of the Sydney harbor bridge and meets Gore Hill freeway at Naremburn. This approximately 14.5 km (9 mile) long road alignment consist of a high-speed overbridge, two steel girder access bridges, rock cuttings and embankments up to 20 m (65 feet) height. This massive construction work was carried out in early 1960’s and was declared open to public on 18th of June 1968.

As NSW residents are looking forward to the upcoming developments on and around the Warringah freeway, it is worthwhile to have a look back at the history of Warringah expressway construction. The video documentary published by NSW roads (provided below) brings about the fascinating construction history of Warringah freeway to life. It is amusing to see how much the construction technologies, safety culture and designs techniques have advanced from then to now. It is also remarkable how the constructions of main bridges were carried out while there is live traffic in and around the construction sites.



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