This year we are celebrating 10th anniversary of the IESL NSW Chapter. We are proud to inform you that we were the first overseas IESL Chapter established outside of our motherland. The IESL NSW Chapter Executive committee decided to publish this special newsletter to refresh your memories and pay tribute to those volunteers who worked tirelessly to establish the Chapter and bring this forward for the last nine years. This journey has not been an easy one.  It was necessary to overcome so many hurdles and clear-out the path ahead of them.  They had to lay a solid foundation to be built on for the future and set appropriate goals and proper objectives to make it sustain for the future generations. It is with pride that we inform you that the IESL NSW Chapter has made tremendous progress over the years and you too can be very proud since you were the driving force behind this journey so far.  We would like to have your support for years to come to ensure that the progress of the organisation will be carried forward. We cordially invite you to actively involve with the Chapter activities by participating to the events that the Chapter is organising.

It is very remarkable that though we are a small nation country with less than 21 million people out of more than 6 billion people living in this world, we are representing a small percentage of engineers but had made a notable contribution to this beautiful country now we call ourselves home. We are very proud to say that the Engineers Australia has recognised the IESL NSW Chapter as one of the most active and high calibre engineering organisations affiliated with Engineers Australia. We have tremendous support from Engineers Australia. Over the years the Chapter has been working tirelessly to promote engineering in Sri Lanka directly and indirectly and helped to build the image of our motherland.

The composition of this special newsletter consists of articles illustrating the inception of The First IESL Overseas Chapter. This newsletter also highlights the chapter activities carried out by each committee for the last nine years.  We have appended additional information to the newsletter if you wish to get more insight to the Chapter activities during the last nine years. This document will serve as a reference for the future generations.  We will be using this document to update our website and promote ourselves among other organisations. The Chapter Executive committee believes that the newsletter serves its intention. Please feel free to send your comments and we cordially invite all of you to attend the annual Engineering Convention and Gala Nite which highlight the celebration of 10th birthday of the IESL NSW Chapter.

The IESL NSW Chapter Executive Committee