Message from the Chair – Sarath Wijayapala, BSc(Eng) Hons, MSc(EoE), MBA(Tech Mgmt.), CEng, HLF IESL, FIEAust, CPEng

I had the opportunity to attend the IESL Provincial and Overseas Chapter Meeting held on 3 March in Colombo when I was in SL on holidays. Normally Overseas Chapter Presidents/Chairs attend it via Skype with WA and NZ Chapter Presidents attending this meeting via Skype. QLD Chapter President also attended the meeting in person. Prior to the meeting I was able to have a 30 min discussion with the IESL President and CEO/Executive Secretary on several matters I had raised with her in Nov 17.

The IESL Council has agreed to accept the designations of Overseas Chapter President and Vice President titles (driven by State registration requirements in QLD and WA) provided the titles are shown as President _________ Chapter, IESL (and NOT President IESL ___________ Chapter) due to possible confusion in the reader with the IESL President’s title if the latter is used.  To align with the other Australian Chapters, NSW Chapter will also propose via a Resolution at the next AGM to change the Chapter titles of Chair and Vice Chair to President and Vice President.

NSW Chapter facilitation of IESL Techno Exhibition attendance by NSW and ACT Industry and Academia was also discussed and the IESL President Elect Eng. (Prof.) TM Pallewatta was nominated as the contact person with whom I have started corresponding. More to follow in future Newsletters.

The Committee is busy planning for the upcoming events particularly the Engineering Convention being held on 8 and 9 June 18, with the Engineering Conference held on Fri 8 June evening at the EA Auditorium in Chatswood and the Gala Dinner held on Sat 9 June at Hornsby RSL Club. IESL President Eng. (Prof.) Niranjanie Ratnayake has accepted our invitation and will attend both events. Please keep both dates free. More information will be provided closer to the event.


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