The NSW Chapter is communicating with the following Overseas and other State Chapters:

  1. Western Australian Chapter
  2. Queensland Chapter
  3. Qatar Chapter
  4. New Zealand Chapter

Provided below is the information received from the Qatar Chapter. In future Newsletters further news from other Chapters will be provided.

The current IESL Qatar Chair is Eng. Jagath Gunasekera who reported the following activities carried out by the Chapter todate:

  •      CPD Sessions

Conducted 4 CPD sessions (1. Structural design of high rise buildings, 2- Metro Railway System, 3- Elevators and Escalator design , 4_- Demo Toastmaster event for Chapter members)

  •      Family Gathering Event:

Conducted two family Gathering events ( Bowling Game and Family gathering in a Beach side Resort).

  •      Month of May devastated Flood:

Donated around 5Lk worth school materials that were distributed among three schools in Sri Lanka. IESL Qatar Chapter engineers personally visited three selected schools and donated the school materials such as Photocopy Machine, Musical instruments, books and other stationery items.  (2 schools were in Matara area and other one was in Ratnapura Area)

  • Inauguration of Toastmaster Club:

To develop public speaking skills and personality development.  IESL Qatar Chapter started a separate Toastmaster Club “Sri Lankan Toastmaster Club- Qatar”. Subsequently  the membership was opened to other Sri Lankan community members such as Bankers/ QS/ Financial and other professionals as well.

30  active members are present in the Chapter.  In line with the International TM Calender, a few weeks ago a Speech Craft Program was commenced. All the guidance and evaluation activities are conducted by Smedley TM Club experts (Indian).

  •      Conducting of September- B paper Exam:

For the second time of IESL history , IESL Qatar Chapter successfully conducted B paper Exam last September.  22 Candidates sat for the exam and Prof. Niranjanee  Rathnayake attended the event. Approximately  over 3 months, every Friday several B paper Preparation classes were conducted at Sri Lankan School in Qatar for the members. Last year (Sep 2016) too B paper preparation classes were held and out of 30 candidates, 27 crossed the passed mark!

  •      Social Activities:

IESL Qatar Chapter actively participated in the New Year Program conducted by Sri Lankan Embassy Qatar and Blood Donation Program which was organized by “Ethera Api Organization”.

  •      2017/2018 AGM:

Initially the  AGM was scheduled for 22/12/2017. However Prof. Niranjanee Rathnayake informed that she could not attend on the said date. Also at the same time, Hon ambassador in Qatar ASP Liyanage too informed that he would not be in Qatar in the latter part of December. Therefore, the AGM was  re-scheduled for 26/01/2018.

  •      Biggest tasks ahead for the IESL Qatar Chapter:

There are 30 engineers who completed their B paper Exam. Apart from that, at this year’s exam it is anticipated at least 15 engineers  may cross the pass mark. Thus, the main target is to how to process their Charter applications through IESL HQ considering that their supervisor engineers do not have the Charter and their employers are not recognized organisations.


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