IESL NSW Chapter Newsletter April 2020

1. Public Lecture by Prof. Sarath Perera

A Public Lecture was delivered by Prof. Sarath Perera on Power Quality – A subject of increasing interest on 29 January 2020 at the Western Sydney University, Parramatta CBD Campus.

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2. Young Engineer’s Day

The Young Engineers Day was held on 20 February 2020 at the Western Sydney University, Parramatta CBD Campus. 10 Engineers presented on a wide range of topics at this annual event.

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3. Chapter’s future activities in light of COVID-19 pandemic

The IESL NSW Chapter Management Committee had a skype meeting on 16 March 2020 to discuss the upcoming Chapter activities and circulated a message to its members in NSW and ACT.

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4. Sri Lankan News & Events

The current Management Committee will continue to provide our readers with the news and events relevant to Engineering which took place in the recent past in Sri Lanka.

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5. The role of engineers in changing climate

Australia is the second most GHG emitting country at 16.2 tonnes per capita per year only behind Saudi Arabia by 0.1 tonnes.

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6. Some Interesting Information on Water & Sewer

Sydney Water serves about 5.2 million population with drinking water; Sydney water provides recycled water to about 100,000 population.

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7. Professor Wije Ariyaratne

Eng. Wije Ariyaratne Appointed as First Professor of Practice (Bridge Engineering) in University of Sydney

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Who we are …

The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka established the first overseas chapter in Sydney, New South Wales in 2009 to cater for the members of the institution residing in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory. The main objective of the chapter is to provide a forum for professional engineers in NSW Australia, to foster the ideals of the profession while socialising in a friendly professional environment.

To achieve this objective, the chapter would organise discussions, training sessions, professional lectures,  reward, and recognition, helping community projects through professional services and practising promoting and encouraging professional ethics.

Although the membership of the chapter is limited to the members of IESL, the services of the chapter will be open to all engineers in NSW and ACT.  The chapter will have a strong relationship with engineers with Sri Lankan origin. However, in a rapidly globalising professional landscape, the chapter welcomes the participation and establishing relationships with all engineers.

Following is the list of Chairpersons who gave leadership in the past

2009   –  Eng. Nihal Fernando
2010    – Eng. Tissa Wijayasinghe
2011     –Eng. Maya Amaraweera
2012    – Late Eng. Kamal Fernando
2013    – Eng. Mahinda Karunaratne
2014    – Eng. Waruna Kaluarachchi
2015    – Eng.  Ananda Herath
2016   – Eng. Dayantha Jayarathna
2017   –  Eng. Sarath Wijayapala
2018   –  Eng. Rohitha Silva

2019 (Current)  –  Eng. Mahendram Manoharan